ZF Friedrichshafen

In 2015, TRW Automotive was obtained by international auto company ZF Friedrichshafen AG. TRW is now a split of the parent business, with headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. Pursuant for the Combination Agreement's terms, upon completion of the acquisition, TRW turned a fully-owned part of ZF, and every outstanding share of TRW inventory was converted into the best for $105.60 in income. Available nowadays because of this of the achievement of the order, TRW gearbox stocks halted trading on the New York Stock Exchange just before market, and will be delisted. ZF can be productive and passive security engineering along with a global head in chassis and driveline technology.

Using the surge in popularity of the automated transmission in vehicles, ZF released the AS Tronic 20 the business also makes manual and automated vehicle and coach attacks. In 2007 ZF Friedrichshafen AG were able to improve its enterprise size to €12.65 billion about 8%. ZF had a revenue of €434 thousand from the whole business volume of €12.5 thousand. In line with the improvement that is recent ZF is predicting revenue development around 10%, which may be above the average. The main industry is Europe, followed closely by the Asiapacific area, including Middleeast and North, Australia and South America & Africa.

ZF Friedrichshafen products contain automated and manual attacks for automobiles, vehicles, buses and design equipment; chassis parts (ball joints, tierods, mix-axis joints, stabiliser bars, control hands); shock absorbers and suspension struts; digital damping programs including Constant Damping Control (CDC), Effective Roll Stabilization (ARS); grabs; torque converters; differentials; axle drives; and professional drives.