Kept Secrets

No smart April Fools laugh below, just another fairly ill Grave Mistake update foryou! General, On Second-Thought provides a stable listen of creatively composed and diverse indiepop, with a band with enough alternative in perth recording studio the temper and style of their melodies to keep the history from becoming boring, and enough audio capacity and creativity to establish them as an unique party using a noise that has been certainly their particular.

This can be a punk smasher that is full, with a sound rooted in gold period HC punk filtered through modern despair and drawback, accomplished in only a couple of minutes. A killer full length cd from an underrated group from Bloomington, IN, having a noise so classic this 1 weathered kbd collector/90s punk veteran (Ann Rerun of the Final sons of Krypton) truly believed it had been saved in '79!! We noticed some really superb music coming from the speakers although buying magazines,.