The Dementia Prevalence Calculator (DPC) continues to be revised and updated for 2014-15. Please contact the Principal Care Web Software Team to modify the details for Portsmouth City. If you want to demand access, complete the proper execution about the 'register' page along with a member of the Primary Care Web Tool team can get in-touch. ACCESSIBILITY: The fee calculator get homepage calculator that is FALCOR happens to be available at This program is composed requiring an internet browser enabled with Sun MicroSystems' Virtual Machine. The 2050 Excel Spreadsheet: reveal spreadsheet outlining efficiency and all-the actual knowledge of the 2050 Calculator.

In case you click a link below and the WebTool doesn't insert, you might need to help Java within your browser houses and/or get the Java2 Plug-in from Sun Micro Systems. The instrument permits Normal Procedures to determine a standard where setting and work toward nearby quantified dreams for improvement in prognosis prices, as put down in NHS Requirement, and inform commissioning, nearby combined strategic planning, and company redesign and improvement.

I will keep you informed using the net based Calculator's development of improvement. In that case, it and I will pass on along with your feedback towards the team working on a fresh web-based variation of the Calculator to ensure that this can be addressed. I'll give your dilemma regarding the the 2007 incidence rate numbers towards the team-working on the new web-based variation of the Calculator to make sure that this can be addressed. The Calculator is the main Key Care Website Resource and maintained by the Major Care Web Team.