Celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith and director Lee said on Friday they'll boycott the Academy Awards wedding of next month since black actors were shut out of nominations, as well as the Academy accepted it had a need to do more to market diversity. Laurie, Irons, Winslet Bonham-Lewis - these are actually stars and excellent personalities for me. And they're only the popular ones. Yes, that may appear to stop creativity about the part of owners and restriction opportunities for stars in certain works, but in the cinema while in the U.S. - in the place of movie or tv - the writers possess their plays and have the ultimate concept.

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Irons, Winslet, Thompson, Bonham-Peterson - these are really great personalities and actresses for me personally. And they're only the renowned versions. Yes, that could appear to stifle imagination to directors' section and control prospects for actors in a few works, but in the cinema in the U.S. - instead of film or television - the creators own their plays and also have the ultimate phrase.