Positioned between your Kilo Moto gold strip in Orientale and also the Twangiza-Namoya gold buckle in South Kivu-Maniema, you will find around 12 parts with artisanal and smallscale silver-mining in Northern Kivu - Walikale, Masisi, Lutunguru, Manzia-Luholy-Lubereri, Mohanga, Lundjulu-Loiki-Ubiro, Lubero, Makwasu, Lutela (includes Manguredjipa), Biabune-Loya and Bilolo-Mobissio-Abakuasimbo.

Many larger organizations are discovering Kasaï Oriental, with First African Diamonds attaining usage of the 800 km2 Eminkor concession, BHP Billiton and Southern Period Diamonds have access to a 16,000 km2 concession, and De Beers (who kept a digital monopoly on stone output until 1997) and twelve local companies accessing credits spanning 60,000 km2 Other companies incorporate Alrosa, Pangea DiamondFields, Gee-Twenty, and BRC Diamond Corp.

At present platinum research continues to be confined for the Kilo-Moto Goldfield (Orientale) together with the above firms and also the Canadian key Barrick, Banro Corporation while sound hire in Johannesburg in the Twangiza Namoya gold buckle (Sud Kivu and Maniema) and also the South African key Gold Fields Ltd and Cluff Mining in the Kisenge area in Katanga.